Association of Europeans Journalists - Association des Journalistes Européens

AEJ : Association of Europeans Journalists - AJE : Association des Journalistes Européens

Across Europe, the AEJ brings together individual journalists through their membership of national sections. As an independent and self-funding association, we promote critical journalism in the European integration process, and defend the freedom of information, and freedom of the press in Europe. The AEJ offers journalists the chance to be part of our professional and social network.The AEJ is an official Observer in the Council of Europe's Media Steering Committee. We are working with the Council of Europe, alongside other media and human rights organisations, on a new Database Project, to map assaults on media freedom and independence across Europe and seek to end them. The AEJ's Media Freedom Representative, William Horsley, is also active on a Council of Europe Working Group, aimed at ensuring that anti-terrorism, laws are not misused to block legitimate freedom of expression.

Depuis le 01 janvier 2011, j'ai l'honneur de faire partie de cette association, en plus de l'AJPBE et de l'OMPP - Presse Internationale.

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